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Western Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society Open Show

14th June 2014

Judge Miss LJ Ferguson (Fergustaff)

Veteran Dog 2/1

1st Russell’s Mr Jack Obee Boy JW ShCM 7 year old bl, lovely and fit for his age, nice head with good shaped ear, with dark eyes and a good bite. Straight front, good rib, level topline which was held on the move. Showed very well and moved well.

Minor Puppy Dog 2/0

1st Hutchings Bullhawk Hez The One, nice head, dark eye, and neat ears, lovely bite with a good head. Straight front, leading into well placed shoulders, topline ok however was difficult to assess on the move.

2nd Mayo’s Bullhawk Can I Cuz, strong head then one and a little shorter cast, also difficult to assess movement however both are very nice puppies which I now know to be litters brothers. I would suggest more ring craft would be beneficial and more experience in the show environment will help these lovely boys settle. Equally it was nice to see these boys enjoying the experience.

Puppy Dog 3/0

1st  Karlsson’s Jewelstaff Rocker Billy Boy, lovely strong head, with neat ears, a good bite and a dark eye. Short backed and compact, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, nice straight front, good topline which was held on the move, well muscled and good angulation on the stifle.

2nd  Lewis Kentstars Appollo, good head, ears with a good bite, overall longer cast than one, showed well just needs to settle on the move.

3rd  Hutchings Bullhawk Hez The One

Junior Dog 3/2

1st  Roberts Seabull Snap Reaction, red and white, top sized dog, strong masculine head, nice bite, ok ears, good muscle tone all around. Moved well.

Maiden Dog 1/0

1st  Hutchings Bullhawk Hez The One, see MPD

Novice Dog 1/0

1st  Membury’s Mizstaff Crazy Cuz, lovely masculine head, neat ears, dark eye with a good bite. Straight front, well placed shoulders, ample rib with a short back. Good topline which was held on the move.

Graduate Dog 4/1

1st  Witcombe’s Limekiln Gladiator, nice head, good bite, ok front, ok rib, short backed, untidy on the move needs to settle good muscle tone

2nd  Meek and Hale’s Stans Feeling blue, top sized blue and white, good head, bite and ears, ok pigmentation, longer in the back than one.

3rd  Daly and Lees Michenil Magical Midnight At Boscador

Post Graduate Dog 7/0

1st  Cockings Welshstaff Abracadabra, beautiful lovely dog, with a well-proportioned head, neat ears, dark eyes and big lovely teeth and a good bite. Good Pigmentation, straight front, into well placed shoulders, good rib, deep chest,  good tuck, level topline, lovely angulation on the rear. Very fit dog which moved and showed impeccably.

2nd Pendleton’s Bullhawk In’a Pickle, also I very nice dog which carried a lot of the virtues of the first dog although on a smaller scale. I had to nitpick and preferred the overall balance of one.

3rd  Membury’s Mitzstaff Union Jack

Res Dawe’s Marstaff Smokin Joe

VHC McClements Stormfire Billy Boy At Jodanzac

Limit Dog 4/1

1st Fulford’s Elitebull Heartbreaker For Regalbull JW, handsome male with a lovely head, neat ears, good bite and dark eyes. Lovely straight front, well placed shoulders, short backed, good muscled moved well.

2nd Tittley’s Willowstaff Nats My Daddy At Garwstaff, athletic dog, good head, neat ears, dark eye and good bite. Nice reach of neck, straight front, longer cast than one. Good angulation, moved well.

3rd  Mignano and Fricker’s Aborinina Boomerang Boy Of Calavey

Open Dog 3/1

1st  Membury’s Mitzstaff Fun To Flex, nice head, good bite, dark eyes, well-muscled, moved well, straight front, good amount of rib, leading into level topline which was held on the move

2nd Powells Cwmcalon Son Of The Lord JW, good head, neat ears, dark eye and good bite, straight front good angulation, well-muscled, moved well.

Veteran Bitch 4/1

1st  William’s Ch. Valgo Annastasia, good bite, nice feminine head, good reach of neck, straight front, correct rib level topline, good amount of muscle, nice angulation at the rear,  moved well

2nd Merrick’s Magicgem Princess Ruby, red and white, nice head and dark eye, Good front, nicely placed shoulders, good covering of muscle, short back, well handled by her young handler he showed her with confidence and kindness.

3rd Tittley’s Garwstaff Jewels Lucky Gem

Minor Puppy Bitch 3/1

1st  Fulford’s Regalbulls Getup Stand Up, nice fem head, dark eye, good mouth deep chest with straight front, short backed good angulations, moved well

2nd  McClements Jodanzac Brindle Pride, lovely head, with ok front short back good rib, would have preferred her to be a little lighter, moved ok.

Puppy Bitch 1/0

1st  McClements Jodanzac Brindle Pride

Junior bitch 4/1

1st  Kendall’s Biggleswick Diamond Lil, beautiful feminine bitch, lovely head, dark eye, with neat ears, good straight front, short backed and good rib,  good angulation moved ok,

2nd Wilks Mishdar’s Special Order For Jevaces, what a pity this bitch just didn’t seem to be enjoying her day, nice head lovely dark eyes,  neat ears, straight front, well placed shoulders, level topline, good rib and short backed.

3rd  Williams Diamonds Of Blanch Esme At Bellajazz imp

Maiden bitch 3/1

1st  Kendall’s Biggleswick Diamond Lil

2nd Tittley’s Garwstaff Sitting Pretty, top sized feminine girl, nice head, good mouth, and dark eye. Nice reach of neck leading to a nice straight front, good rib, very enthusiastic bitch who made her handler work hard. Moved well

Novice bitch 3/1

1st Kendall’s Biggleswick Diamond Lil

2nd Tittley’s Garwstaff Sitting Pretty

Graduate Bitch 1/1

1st Tittley’s Garwstaff Angel Delight, another from this kennel who likes her handler to work hard and had the enthusiasm some of the exhibits lacked today. Lovely feminine head, dark eye and good bite with neat ears. Good front, good neck, level topline held on the move, well muscled with good rear angulation.

Post Graduate Bitch 4/1

1st Desmond’s Elitebull Elegance JW, beautiful feminine bitch, lovely head with neat ears, dark eye and good bite. Lovely straight front, good reach of neck. Well placed shoulders, good amount of rib, deep chest. Good topline, moved well, well-muscled good rear end.

2nd Tittley’s Garwstaff Angel Delight

3rd McClements Miss Cherie At Jodanzac

Limit Bitch 5/0

1st John’s Welshstaff Princess Ruby, what a stunner, very feminine bitch, beautiful yet strong head which isn’t over done in anyway, neat ears with a dark eye and good mouth. Good reach of neck flowing into a lovely straight front, well placed shoulders. Short backed, Topline level, with a good rib, deep chest and correct tuck. Very well-muscled and her rear angulation was superb. Topline held on the move and showed like a dream. Best Bitch

2nd Merrick’s Seabull Temptress Of Fire For Magicgem, equally lovely bitch, as above, didn’t move as well as I have seen her do so in the past.

3rd Mignano and Fricker’s Pantycelyn Just A Dream Of Calavey

Res  Davies Braunstaff Cannock Charmer

VHC Antonio Aquator Platinum Princess

Open Bitch 4/1

1st Marshall’s Marstaff Diamond Cut, lovely expression, with a nice head, dark eye and good bite, straight front, good reach good neck, topline good, stifle well angulated, nicely muscled and moved well.

2nd  Dolphin’s Alport black Ink At Delphinstaff, lovely feminine bitch, good head, neat ears, dark eye and good mouth. Lovely straight front, good shoulders, good rib, level topline which was held on the move. Well muscled and moved well.

3rd  Tittley’s Garwstaff Miss Independant

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Championship Show

Saturday 11th October


Dogs: James Byrnes (Lackyle)

Bitches: Steve Robinson

Special Classes: John Parker (Nettleworth)

A schedule can be downloaded by clicking here.

An entry form by clicking here.